Our Mission seeks to improve the quality of life for the elderly, by providing home repairs and paying their property tax bills as well as providing meals, medicine and care to them as needed to live comfortably. We also seek to improve the quality of life for kids by supporting their education and assisting with childhood hunger.


Our Vision is to make sure that every elderly person, age 60 and over don't have to struggle with the issues of this world. We are aiming to make sure that another elderly do not lose their home because of property tax bills. Our vision is also to see all of our kids reading and gaining a quality education.

What do we do to help the Kidz & The elderly?


our Mission & Vision

We assist with healthy meals, the payment of property tax bills, home repairs, air conditioners, heaters, blankets, coats, meals, prescriptions, doctor visits, school supplies, housing, etc. If you are an ELITE....Elderly Living In This Economy and you are 60 yrs and older, you qualify for our program. Living in Comfort provides vital in-home support to seniors with housing concerns.  Emergency assistance with electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs, as well as barrier-free modifications, we help seniors to be able to live comfortably in their own homes. Fill out the registration form so we can begin to assist you as soon as possible. For more information on how we assist children, click on the Kidz World link.

You "can" make a difference!

You can help us make dreams come true by donating to Living in Comfort, Inc.